Basic diet for weight loss

How much do you need to run to lose weight in a month? Where is it better to do – at home or in the gym? Is it essential to have professional equipment and simulators if your goal is to lose weight in your stomach in a month?

Any physical activity is very beneficial for our body. This is especially true for those whose work is quite inactive (office employees). It is enough to devote one hour to sports 3-4 days a week, and the result will not belong incoming!

To lose 10 kg per month, exercises should be very diverse:

If the weather permits, be sure to make it a rule to run a couple of kilometres for a workout – jogging is one of the most effective ways to “cheer up” the body and lose a couple of kilograms. If you lose weight by running for a month – this is not your “option”, you can replace this exercise with cycling or roller skating.

Remember, in a month in the gym or at home, without making much effort and without bringing your body to exhaustion, and it is quite possible to lose a dozen kilograms. At the same time, it is crucial to be persistent at a certain point: the fat starts to “burn out” after half an hour of training, so you need to calculate your strength and not stop halfway.

If you have seriously decided to take care of yourself and the task of losing weight for you is not just a topic for conversation in a smoking room or at lunch, then get ready for the most challenging thing – self-control. Any randomly eaten candy or a piece of cake tried from a friend will be your enemies. No, a diet is not self-torture and not a rejection of everything tasty. But this is a precise and controlled meal — the higher the control, the better the results.

Your food should be adjusted and combined with your daily routine. In the morning and afternoon, it is possible to take high-calorie foods, carbohydrates, but the closer to evening, the more their number should be reduced. Also, if for some reason your daily routine changes in the direction of reducing the load (for example, you decide to lie down all day at home in front of the TV or the country with a book in your hands), this should also be reflected in a decrease in the calorie content of your diet.

Do you exercise to get rid of excess fat? Then let me tell you how, without starvation, I lost 18 kg in 100 days only due to physical activity.

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