Diet food recipes for weight loss

Is there any benefit from PP?
Undoubtedly, proper nutrition helps maintain and even restore health. The menu for the week contains products that provide the body’s needs in both nutrients and vitamins and minerals.

You can also include foods and dishes in the diet that help to satisfy the increased needs for certain substances, masquerading as a desire to eat “junk” food. Researchers have long proved that craving for certain types of dishes and products does not always mean a lack of trace elements contained in these dishes. For example, the love of carbonated drinks does not indicate a lack of carbohydrates but masks the lack of calcium intake from food, and it is necessary to correct it not with Coca-Cola, but with dairy products.

Disruptions to the sweet and flour (they should not be excluded entirely, but dose the doses so as not to violate the daily calorie intake).
They are fried and smoked. Such heat treatment of food is possible if you fry without oil, on an open fire, and smoke for no more than 20 minutes in a natural way (not with artificial smoke).
Cooked and baked foods, prefer raw vegetables and fruits, consume maximum greens of all varieties.
Heavy dinner with large portions. Boil or stew meat or fish, be sure to add a fresh vegetable (for example, 200 g of stewed beef with one fresh cucumber).
Frequent use of alcohol. It should be avoided, as it is quite high-calorie and can provoke a strong feeling of hunger.
Do not drink water during meals. As well as tea or juice. Brew a cup of tea only an hour before meals and half an hour after.
Careful with salt, seasonings and sauces. All this dramatically stimulates the appetite and can lead to violation of the regime and overeating.
Meals should not be missed. Let you always have a pack of nuts with you, water with lemon or a handful of raisins. So you moderate your appetite and avoid overeating during a delayed meal.

As with all diets, popular or medical, there are basic principles. They do not contradict the rules of healthy eating; on the contrary, they are mainly based on them. Some of the policies need to be adjusted following the characteristics of the body and new studies in medicine and nutrition; however, this diet allows slight deviations and can be adapted to the needs of a particular person.

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