Lose weight naturally

Slimming drugs are a popular industry with multi-billion dollar turnover. The number of different weight loss supplements is not measurable. Lovers of easy money play on the natural craving of people for a beautiful body and lack of basic knowledge. We will devote a separate article to the review of the market of dietary supplements. Now let’s mention one, the simplest and most popular supplement – L-carnitine (one of the forms of carnitine ). This is a natural amino acid that activates the oxidation of fat molecules in the mitochondria, thereby increasing the effect of the loads. It can be taken simply during the day. It is absolutely safe and well represented in Russian and foreign markets. It can be found in almost all specialized preparations for fat burning.L-carnitine can be recommended for beginners to the process of losing weight and for those who have been engaged for a long time. The choice of complex drugs is worth starting only after gaining experience in the gym.

For you to understand how you can completely change your life in 14 weeks, I suggest that you follow my 100-day program. I became for myself the most severe coach. I documented every step of the run, every watt of load, every kilogram lost (and at the beginning of the journey there were as many as 115.3). Naturally, I analyzed everything: enormous progress and small regressions, my victories and defeats and shifts for the better in the state of health, which doctors called continuously “small miracles.”

Just a change in diet, an increase in the duration of walks and a more relaxed lifestyle helped to lose the first extra pounds. However, it was clear that this was only the beginning.

Only a couple of weeks will pass – and you will quietly “get involved” in the process. In this case, it is desirable to fix their initial “parameters” of the body to personally observe positive changes. This will give an additional incentive and desire to create and never to lose its ideal shape.

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