Losing Weight for Health

All modern systems of healthy nutrition are aimed not only at weight loss but also at improving health. To be haggard and nervous is not in fashion today. Beauty is naturalness and cheerfulness. It has become almost indecent to admit to following “hungry” diets publicly, but everyone is happy to share details about organic products, farm fairs, vegetarianism and macrobiotic nutrition.

And nutritionists support this trend. In their opinion, the diet menu for weight loss should be varied so that the body receives insufficient quantities all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. But it should also be tasty because constant stress from a feeling of hunger and boredom from a monotonous tasteless meal does not benefit the psyche or the body.

There is no strict menu in the proper nutrition system. Proper nutrition – a diet that involves complete meals with the principles and exclusion of harmful foods. Each person, with appropriate nutrition, selects the principal and related dishes that are most suitable in the diet for him and his family members.

Proper nutrition: an example of weight loss for a week
With adequate nutrition, the menu for the week to lose weight is compiled based on the parameters and characteristics of the person. However, there are budget examples of plans and diets with proper nutrition. So what can you eat?

Morning meal: rice 200 g, butter 10 g, one banana or one apple, black coffee.

Snack: dried grey bread, boiled egg, tomato.

Daily meal: steamed mackerel 200 g, Beijing cabbage salad with peas and sunflower oil 180 grams.

Second snack: low-fat cottage cheese 120 g with a spoon of 10% sour cream, green apple, 200 ml of tea.

Evening meal: boiled vegetables 220 g, baked piece of beef 140 g

You are starting position – lying on your back. Fix your hands behind your head or chest. Raise your elbows to the sides. Bend your legs slightly at the knees at an angle of 45-60 degrees and lift above the floor. Now start raising your head. Stretch your chin to your chest. Get to the maximum possible point for you and return to the starting position.

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