How to create a diet plan for weight loss

Against the backdrop of a passion for junk food, convenience foods, and an abundance of sweets in industrial production, PP helps to return to the basics of the diet laid down at the genetic level. A person needs a certain amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates per day with the calorie content that is due to the energy costs of each particular organism.

All kinds of nutritional benefits of civilization, rich in fast carbohydrates and fats, appetite-stimulating supplements, altered eating behaviour contribute to a rapid increase in body weight. When following the principles of PP, a proper nutrition system, excess weight does not accumulate. The decrease in fat reserves contributes only to an increase in energy consumption, that is, physical activity on the body.

Losing weight on PP is quite possible if the daily diet provides fewer calories than is necessary for physiological processes. There are two options: eat right, observing the daily calorie intake for the body (calculated depending on the ratio of age, height, body weight, gender and activity) and increase physical activity, or reduce caloric intake.

Each diet can only be used for a limited time. Upon reaching the result, you should switch to a healthy diet. If you start to adhere to proper nutrition, then you will not have to give up your favourite and harmful food at all. But it would be best if you tightly control the time and volume of consumption of such products, as well as compensate for their calorie content by physical activity.

Proper nutrition is so right and beneficial that it can and should even be followed throughout life in the name of a slender figure and healthy appearance.

It’s time to create a menu for yourself!

Individual planning of your menu for the day, week, the month will help to develop the habit of eating correctly and in a strictly defined mode. Fractional – at least three times, and preferably 5-6 times a day – diet is the key to food discipline. Do not break or rebuild your usual daily routine. Lean on your lifestyle when creating your plan.

The main thing is diversity! The menus offered here for each week are just examples of how to combine healthy products.

You can choose your favourite dishes from three lists and alternate them at your discretion, or come up with your options taking into account the recommended calorie content of each meal, or look at the “Flat Belly Day” section and choose something tasty there.


Simple meal plan to lose weight

What is a PP diet? This is, first of all, the abbreviation “proper nutrition”. The idea of ​​creating such a diet arose against the backdrop of the proliferation of special diets that slightly limited or severely excluded the use of various foods and urged, for example, to remove all carbohydrates from the menu, eat only fluids or eat boiled rice without salt for a whole week. Such diets are harmful to health, enter the digestive system and the body as a whole into a stressful state and contribute to the quick return of lost kilograms at the end of the term of restrictions on food.

A proper nutrition diet is designed to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements and is based on the principles of proper nutrition. However, just eating right against the background of a hobby for diets is “unfashionable”, and PP (adequate nutrition) is presented as a “PP-diet for weight loss.”

A diet for weight loss according to the proper nutrition system (PP) can be treated differently. You can criticize and find flaws in it or fanatically adhere to it all your life, enjoying your appearance. But the fact that the PP system is active and has helped thousands of fat men who have dropped their hands is a fact proven by time and confirmed by dieticians.

Proper nutrition is not only cabbage salads and steamed fish. Under the PP system, millions of recipes have been created for breakfast, lunch and dinner, many of which satisfy the needs of the body and are worthy of being included in the plan of proper nutrition for each person!

WH experts are unanimous in their opinion: there is no healthier and more effective way to lose extra pounds and tighten muscles than a combination of proper nutrition, physical activity and discipline.

How to create a diet plan for weight loss
Your task: not to refuse food in the name of harmony, but to build such a nutrition system that will help the body burn excess fat and build muscle.

The basis of the diet should be chicken, turkey, lean red meat + fish, avocado, olive oil + eggs and dairy products + fruits, vegetables and herbs + whole grains + natural spices and spices + pure still water.

Under the ban: all types of canned foods + carbonated drinks (including water) + alcohol + smoked, salted and fried foods + refined sugar and white flour + sources of caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate).