Quick weight loss diet plan

The essence of the issue of losing weight
I am sure that everyone knows the golden formula of losing weight “to spend more calories than to receive”. But in practice, it turns out that sometimes even the most rigid and severe diets do not give results. And the slightest deviation from them and a decrease in physical activity will instantly lead to weight gain. Spending more energy than consumed is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The body is extraordinarily inventive and can absorb nutrients to the maximum when it is placed in the harsh conditions of diet programs. What is generally absorbed by the body by 20-30% under fasting conditions will be absorbed by 100%. That is why so often you can meet the question “why am I not eating and not losing weight?” To really, indeed lose weight, you must add aerobics to your weight routine.

Let’s deal with nutrition now.

Experiments have proven that if you chew food about 40 times, you can lose weight a little without changing your eating habits. And in combination with a healthy diet, such a simple technique gives genuinely amazing results. Carefully chewed food is more comfortable to digest, besides, in this case, we eat much slower, and the brain receives a satiety signal in time, which eliminates the risk of overeating.

Water is the catalyst for all life processes. Two litres of clean drinking water per day will help speed up the metabolism, remove toxins in time and avoid fluid retention – that is, oedema. Remember that the term “water” does not include tea, coffee, juices and other drinks: for example, black tea and coffee, on the contrary, dehydrate the body, and fruit juices and drinks contain sugar. This does not mean that juice should not be drunk, and just for the body, milk is more like food than liquid.

A suitable diet and “right” for everyone and everyone does not exist. Different health conditions, diseases, restrictions force you to adhere to different rules and menus. However, in general, this diet is considered the most “healthy” and most adaptable to the requirements of the body.

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