Weight loss diet plan

Before undertaking the preparation of the menu, you need to understand some principles of healthy eating. Consider the main ones:

Eat often and a little bit.
It is best to divide the entire daily diet into five receptions and eat at the same time, and the last time you should eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Such a system does not allow the body to starve excessively – which means you will not overeat. Fractional nutrition for weight loss is indispensable.

Give up fast food
This includes not only hamburgers but also any semi-finished products, sausages, sausages, french fries, canned goods, shawarma and more. Ready-made food is extremely high-calorie, contains a considerable number of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, giving it a delicious smell and taste, as well as fatty or spicy sauces. Besides, in fast food establishments, hundreds of servings are made on the same burned oil containing carcinogens. If you still have doubts, think about this – one standard set of hamburger, a glass of cola and a bag of french fries are 1200-1400 calories, that is, almost the daily norm, but there are no vitamins, healthy fibre in such a dinner and almost no proteins. But in excess – saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. The conclusion is obvious.

Depending on the goals and capabilities, menus can be compiled by changing products to the appropriate calorie content and composition, complementing and excluding dishes of individual choice.

This diet does not imply a time limit. In the transition from a chaotic diet to the principles corresponding to proper nutrition, it should be remembered that this type of eating behaviour is a natural, preferential choice, providing the body and corresponding to its needs. After a period of achieving the desired body weight, one should not return to the previous style of food, the nutrition system with this diet makes it easy and with pleasure to adhere to its rules throughout life.

Nutrition for weight loss is the easiest of the nutritional issues of athletes. Yes, that’s right – the easiest. Because it’s easier to list what is possible than what is not. And the success of losing weight depends more on the training process, on how persistent a person is in his desire to lose extra pounds, than on what he eats. Because the loads can compensate any eaten extra piece in the room, but any diets can not pay the lack of load.

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