Weight Loss Foods

With such a big word “forbidden,” we certainly do not mean any fatal harm to our health. Naturally, we are only talking about the process of losing weight. But the consumption of these products will directly opposite the effect that you want to get while studying in the hall.

Flour and sweet. White bread, rolls, muffins, cookies, charlotte, biscuits, and confectionery is a taboo. These are extremely fast carbohydrates and a large amount of fat. For lovers of bread, we recommend an excellent substitute – cereal bread, above which are now on store shelves.

Beer. Alas, the drink so beloved by many is a direct path to the “beer belly” and the swimming body. There are no options – to refuse as much as willpower allows.

Potatoes. Rich in starch. And in the form of french fries – also fats.

Cheeses Tasty, but lots of fats and carbohydrates.

Lemonades. Effervescent, sweet drinks, direct carbohydrate conduits to your fat cells.

Sauces. Mayonnaise, sour cream – all this contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates.

Nuts. Tasty, but a lot of fat.

Other products not mentioned by us are usable with numerous buts. Depending on their quantity, method of preparation, your personal goals, physique – those factors that for one person will make a dietary dish, and for another – harmful.

And the final tip – do not start a hunger strike abruptly! As a rule, all failed diets are built on the too sharp refusal of food. As a result, a person cannot stand the feeling of hunger and discomfort from a pointed refusal of food and “breaks down” at some point. Reduce your diet gradually. To begin with, eliminating “harmful foods” from it, and then reducing portions and the number of meals.

Well, remember that the main thing is still physical activity, without which the effect of diets will undoubtedly be, but not so convincing.

All my life, I have tried different diets, but have always recovered. The danger of nutrition is that a lack of calories on menus following one after another leads to the fact that the body begins to counteract a decrease in reserves and the person turns into really obese. The result of the diet is becoming increasingly insignificant, and the body not only returns to its original weight but also forms reserves. That is, in plain text: your body develops immunity against constant courses of weight loss – starving, you get fat!

Forget slavish calorie counting. Watch for the glycemic index (GI). It shows the effect of various carbohydrate-containing foods on blood sugar. Blood sugar should be kept as low as possible. Why is high gi bad? Carbohydrates of products with a high GI are deposited directly in fat cells, and this makes you fat. As a general rule, all products with a GI above 70 are evil, and you should forget about them.

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