Weight loss friendly foods

The best results are found in those who neglect proper nutrition and have significant excess weight before a diet. The system is based on replacing high-calorie foods with low nutritional value with healthy eating and eliminating “snacks”. However, PP does not imply a sharp restriction on portions and volumes of food, so you should not get carried away, replacing a harmful hamburger with a whole trout.

When following the rules and calculating the caloric content of PP, the diet helps to reduce weight by an average of 4-6 kg per month, depending on the initial parameters.

What is essential when creating a menu
When writing the weekly menu, immediately prepare a shopping list at grocery stores. And quickly distribute what day you will cook. On certain days, for example, chicken and fish should be caught. One day you should put a light vegetable salad for dinner and hearty beef steak for lunch, etc.
You can not skip breakfast, even if there is no feeling of hunger. Each breakfast should be balanced and nutritious – 50% of the daily intake of carbohydrates should be accounted for by breakfast, leave 30% on proteins, 20% on fats.
Dinner should contain mainly proteins — for example, low-fat cottage cheese, baked chicken meat or steamed fish.
Snacks, lunch – the right and balanced snacks between the main meals. But they should not turn into a full meal. Harvest fresh fruits (one banana, 150-200 g of grapes, one large apple), raw or boiled vegetables (cabbage, tomato, carrots, radishes, etc.), dried fruits or nuts (the latter should be unsalted and not to the extent more than 30 g per reception).
When counting calories, take away burned during physical activity. For example, if you are going to walk around the city all day on foot or have planned cycling for a long distance, increase the diet for this day. Plan the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins, and have a good breakfast before you leave home.
Drink pure drinking water – not chilled and not boiling water (it cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and starts metabolic processes). Useful for losing weight green tea (it speeds up metabolism, replenishes the body’s need for antioxidants and perfectly dampens appetite).
You can drink coffee, but its high-calorie variations (latte or cappuccino) should be consumed only before lunch.

If, after ten days of struggle, the stomach does not retract, it makes sense to abandon all types of legumes, cabbage and dried fruits – these products can cause bloating and flatulence, which do not allow you to rejoice at the first results.

The choice of desserts on a diet is small – fruit berries and cottage cheese. But if you sprinkle them with cinnamon or vanilla, you can easily fool the body that misses the buns. Cinnamon, by the way, also regulates blood sugar levels, and therefore will not allow hunger to fool your head.

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